I'll not bother training as I don't even have an hour.

I don't have enough time to train. Hmmmm.....

You’ve had to work late, the kids are playing up, or your better half needs you to do something, and, in a flash your workout that you’d scheduled to last for 90-mins has been cut in half. These are familiar conversations I have with my coached riders, as well as “I only have 45-minutes to train after work, three times per week, is there any point in me training?". With such a short space of time, what can you do? Is it even worth getting on the bike?

For most people, and situations, the answer is a resounding yes. When you’ve had to cut your training time down, or you don’t have much time to start with, you can still build your fitness. Here are three training sessions that I recommend for when people have 45-minutes or less. They’re great sessions in their own right, but if you do have longer to play with then you can add on some endurance riding before and after to fill up your time.


Simply, this session is one of my coached riders favourite sessions.  It’s short, it’s punchy, it’s a great workout. It works your lactate threshold, your FTP and your MAP. It’s engaging, and it’s never boring. It’s also great training, whatever type of cycling you do.

Warm up for 5 to 10-mins, start easy and gradually increase the intensity to zone 2 to 3. Hold for a few minutes.

Then ride at 90% of FTP for 4-mins at a moderate cadence of 85 to 95 revs/min.  Immediately launch into 30-secs at 150% the 4-min effort for 30-secs (I’d keep cadence at least 95 revs/min for this section). Then straight into 30-secs nice ‘n’ easy. Repeat this for 30-mins (in other words you’ll have done 6 intervals of the 4-mins/30-secs/30-secs efforts.
Cool down for 5-mins.

There you go, all done in 45-mins. Make it harder (if you have more time) by riding easy for 5-mins (the cool down) after the intervals, and tacking on a second 30-min block of the 4-mins/30-secs/30-secs.

Step Up

Another favourite session with my riders, and this again is short, and intense, is the Step Up. It’s great for maintaining fitness at FTP, and helps boost MAP. Again, this session is engaging, albeit, not quite as exciting as the 150%TT90% (according to my riders). It’s great for all types of cycling.

Warm up for 5-mins, ensuring you top out at zone 3


2-min at 95% FTP

1-min very easy

1-min at 95% MAP

1-min very easy. This completes the set. Repeat 6 times.

5-mins cool down. Done in 40-mins!

Mello Mello

This happens to us all. You’ve got in late from work, kids are doing your head in, and your better half wants an argument! You’re supposed to ride, but now you feel completely deflated and just want to sit on the sofa eating chocolate or having a drink.  There’s no way you could do anything intense on the bike. But don’t give up just yet. Kit up and get on the bike. If you have rollers, drag those out instead. Clip in, and just ride steady and as easy as possible for 30-mins. Breathe deeply, and understand that tomorrow will be a better day. Today is active recovery. It’s a day in the saddle, and likely better for your mental health. You’ll still have some ‘me’ time and you’ll feel better in yourself. Don’t stress that this is easy. You’re allowed it.

Unsure what FTP, and MAP are? Then why not book in with either a fitness test, or a **FREE** coaching strategy call.

Hope you find these indoor sessions useful? No matter how little time you have there’s always a way forward.

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