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Often, it can be difficult to know what to do first. You know you need to get fitter and faster, but how do you do this, and what area(s) of fitness should you target first? Is it functional threshold power (FTP)? Is it maximal aerobic power (MAP)? Endurance? Lactate threshold? Weight loss? Or something else? Do you end up just riding around, making all your training sessions the same, with no goals in mind?

Of course, lots of these metrics are very much related to each other. However, depending on your goals, your current fitness level, your time available, your mental attitude to various types of training, and a whole host of other variables will impact on what needs to be worked on first.

At RST Sport, our coaches, Ric, Alex, and Neil, know your pain, and the difficulties you're going through trying to work out which type of training to do first. We've been there with ourselves, and lots of the riders we've coached over the last 20 years have had similar issues. 

To help you better understand what needs to be done, we'd love you to schedule a **FREE** 15-minute strategy call with one of our coaches. We promise to listen to your needs, and help you through the quagmire of training difficulty so that you can start to improve your fitness, in a scientific way to build your greatest power, and leanest body you've ever had.

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