Want to know what our customers think about us? Then read on! Here's some of the athletes we've worked with

Michael Freiberg (Australia) World Champion 2011 (Men's elite; Track; Omnium event)

Michael was coached by RST Sport senior coach and Performance Director, Ric Stern for several years. Together, Michael scaled new heights culminating in winning the 2011 World Championships in Holland. Here's what Michael had to say:

To me the RST Sport team is my Formula One pit crew, ready to squeeze every ounce of performance from my body. Whether it be in aerodynamics, nutrition, training, testing, racing, pursuiting or sprinting, every facet of my performance is recorded, measured, calculated and analysed finding improvements in speed, efficiency and recovery. RST is my personal sports institute devoted to making me faster.

Carl Donaldson shattered after a race win.jpg

Carl Donaldson

Carl has worked with us for just under 2 years achieving a fantastic array of personal bests, wins, competition records, and three national top tens. Carl worked with senior coach Ric Stern, and competed in time trials and road races. Carl, spoke more on his time with RST Sport here 

Selene Yeager

Coaching is as much about art as it is science. Anyone with working knowledge of physiology and the sport can cobble together a training plan. That’s the science. The art is knowing your athlete, digging in a little deeper on what makes them tick, and fine tuning the plan and your training approach for that specific athlete to meed that specific athlete’s need. That’s the art. And to that end, Neil Kent is an artist. I was already doing well when I started working with Neil, but he saw where I needed improvement (aka threshold tolerance on the flats) and the areas of racing in which I felt less confident (aka NERVES). He designed programs that systematically dissolved those weaknesses. I went into the biggest race of my life Brasil Ride with multi time national champion Rebecca Rusch with the most confidence I’ve ever had; raced stronger and smarter than I ever have, and emerged with a stage race sweep and overall win. Through it all, he always encouraged me to enjoy the ride; checked in regularly to be sure I was on point and feeling happy; and was as much a friend as a coach. I’d recommend his services to anyone.

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