Carl Smashing It Up!

For almost the last two years Coach Ric has been working with Carl Donaldson who wanted to up his game and be nationally competitive in the UK. During that time Carl has set a whole load of PBs and fantastic results including national competition records. Handing things to Carl, here’s what he had to say:

Before getting setup with Ric at RST Sport I previously trained by following various bits of advice from club mates, the internet and friends. I decided in order to progress I would look at coaching properly. I was recommended to Ric by a mutual friend and after researching his published articles in magazines and books I decided he was a good option. Once we progressed past the getting to know each other phase I entered my first race of 2016 with a PB and a win. Through that season I worked with Ric on some goals, setting long term targets and achieving them. We had conversations about fitting in training around work and lifestyle and he had good ideas on how to work training into these commitments. We continued working together during 2017 and I had fears that he may have already got the maximum ability out of me, however, during 2017 I saw further improvements. Setting PBs at 10, 50, 100 and 12hr TT distances, with 3 top 10s at National championships and recording 2 team competition records, whilst recording times that are amongst fastest ever rides. Im currently on a break from training but when i return to action soon, I intend to hook up with Ric again to make 2018 an even better year.

Thanks Carl, have a nice break and see you soon :).

Photo courtesy of Jack Earl

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