Silver Coaching

When our athletes select the Silver Coaching Level, they know they're getting the best value for interaction that we offer. We'll look after you whatever type of cycling or multi-sport events you do. We're here to talk with you regularly, and text you. We'll help you peak and taper for your important events and look in detail at your selected training and racing files. Faster, leaner, and more powerful than before. You'll love our Silver Coaching.

  • Twice weekly text chat via our coaching portal

  • Two coaching phone calls per month

  • Two training alterations per month

  • Training provided every two weeks

  • Weekly workout & Training file analysis

  • Access to our recipes

  • RST Sport Elite Coach

  • Suitable for all types of cycling and multi-sport athletes

  • Free to join Team RST

  • 20% discount on testing

Monthly cost of £125 per month, with a start up fee of £75