One-Off Coaching

Not everyone wants coaching all the time. For some riders, help to put the polishing touches on to your fitness and form prior to your main event is all you want. You’ll have been happy training yourself for several months, and no matter what your event is - whether it’s a race, a Gran Fondo, a time trial, or just increasing your bike fitness, then our one-off 3-month coaching programme would be ideal for you. Perhaps you’d like to try our coaching before moving on to one of our month-to-month coaching packages? Either way the One-Off coaching programme would be ideal for you.

Our coaches will help you improve by focussing your training on the areas you need to work on to meet your goals. They’ll also provide tips and techniques to make sure you turn up for your event and smash it, without wondering how to race/ride and what to do next.

Delivered by coaches Neil Kent and Ric Stern, we’ll provide you with coaching to take your riding to the next level.

Training delivered every four weeks
One text chat/month
Two phone calls over the 3 month period
Fortnightly feedback to your coach
Analysis of test files only. Performance assessed via an overview of the PMC
One plan alteration per month
Six and twelve week review with your coach
10% discount on fitness testing
Option to join Team RST (£25)
One-off price of £199.95