nutrition Coaching

You’ve trained hard, but you’re still not where you want to be. Underperforming can happen for many reasons, but one crucial aspect is that of incorrect fuelling, and carrying too much weight. In cycling there’s nowhere more this shows up than not being able to ride hills and climbs at the same speed of your peers. In triathlon carrying too much weight will also adversely affect your run speed.

Coach Ric, is now offering nutrition coaching for weight loss, for cyclists and triathletes. Using a scientifically validated system for endurance athletes, Ric will help you lose weight safely, while allowing you to train for your goals, even if you are competing during the weightloss period. I’ll help you move up a level and push you to new goals.

Our system uses a mainly plant based diet, but can be modified to be completely plant based, vegetarian, or include small amounts of animal products

What’s included

  • 30-minute initial phone call/text chat

  • Initial 5-day dietary analysis

  • Customised daily nutrition menu - built around your weightloss goals, and training

  • One Plan alteration per month

  • One 30-minute phone call/text chat per month

  • Eight email messages per month

  • Nutrition advice for on the bike/run

  • FREE basic cycle coaching

  • FREE to join Team RST (cycle team)

  • Additionally, if you require cycle or triathlon coaching, a 20% discount on Silver, Gold, Rainbow, or Triathlon Coaching packages

All this for the introductory price of £125 per month, with a minimum sign up period of 2 months.