4 reasons to get into sport in 2019

Could this be the year you take up a new sport? Are you sick of asking yourself that same question every year? We're here to help: if you're unsure about whether you should be donning cycling lycras or treating yourself to some new gym clobber, take a look at these surefire reasons why getting into sport is going to make 2019 the one where everything changed for the better... 




OK, this is an obvious one, but it's still true. No magic tricks, no faddy diets , no cure-all solutions: getting into sport this year will definitely make you fitter and healthier. And once you've tasted the adrenaline rush, once your fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibres have been tickled into life, it's actually addictive, and there are definitely worse things out there to be addicted to than exercise. Regular physical activity is so much easier to incorporate into your life when it's part of a sport, something with a clear objective and maybe even some social benefits - which brings us onto our next reason... 


You can revamp your social life


Some sports are solitary affairs, requiring focus of the mind and isolated determination. Others, however, are an excuse to meet up with some friends and indulge in some healthy competition. Whether you're duelling against a pal on the squash court or you're sharing jokes with the rest of your five-a-side team, the competitive urge in us can actually make our friendships stronger, and make our interpersonal relationships deeper. And once you've done the hard work of actually playing, there's always time for celebration/commiseration in the bar afterwards.


It can help to improve your mental health


The benefits of taking up a sport aren't just physical: taking up headspace with a singular task like going for a training run or swimming lengths can focus your mind and turn you into a goal-oriented person. Many sufferers from mental health issues turn to exercise and sport to give them some clarity and perspective, and the combined physical health benefits can make it a really effective coping tool


Your sense of achievement will go through the roof


This might be the most important reason of all. Bettering yourself physically and mentally is one thing, but can you honestly beat the triumphant feeling of curling in an unlikely free-kick at the crucial moment in the second half, or shaving just a couple of milliseconds off your personal best 400m track time? Sport is all about those unforgettable instances in the heat of competition, and the best way to get more of those incredible moments into your daily life is obvious: play more. 


So there you have it: what other reason do you need to get into sports? If you do need any extra incentive, there are plenty of great deals around on all the kit you need to get started, including from the likes of leading brands such as JD Sports, who also have a strict code of conduct to prevent the use of slave labour


There really is no excuse: it's time to make 2019 the year you took up that new sport and changed your life for the better.

Richard Stern