Tour of Cambridgeshire training camp

RST Sport, led by Senior RST Sport Coach, Ric Stern, is holding an informal training camp for those that are interested in competing at the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

We intend to meet on Friday evening, have a chat, discuss war stories from last year’s event, and what the World Championships was like. We’ll go out for a meal. Then on Saturday we’ll ride over the TT route, and put some short (~5-min) efforts in at FTP. Sunday, we’ll roll over the majority of the route and discuss the difficulties we’ll face on race day. It’s a mainly flat circuit, with the wind battering us, but we’ll check out some of the hills and get a feel for it. We’ll aim to stay together as a group and average between 24 and 27 km/hr (15 to 17 mph). Last year, racing the route blind was ok, but it’d have been better if we knew where the difficulties were…

Depending on how quickly a camp can be organised, I’d envisage getting away before the end of October 2018. RST Sport will sort out accommodation, breakfast, routes and coaching. Friday and Saturday evening we’ll go out for a meal.

If you’re interested please let me know asap (otherwise the camp will end up taking place in spring 2019!)

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It'd likely be a mixture of High 5 and Veloforte
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