You’re here because you’re in the Fit and Fast for 2020 Group Coaching. Here you’ll find a variety of files to download, and notes to read.
Training Sessions Description (updated regularly)
Training Plan (each week will be uploaded separately)
Strength and Conditioning Plan
Zwift Files (new files uploaded on a frequent basis)

Welcome to Week 1 of the Aerobic Base Training for a Fit and Fast 2020. This is Coach Ric here, and I’ll be your coach for this Group.
We’re all of a similarish level of fitness here, and all working towards building our fitness. However, our experiences in cycling may not be the same, we may differ in skills, and some other aspects. I’d like you to ask myself and the others any questions you like (preferably cycling and training related!) and I’ll do my best to answer. Of course, if someone else knows an answer then feel free to jump in. If I can’t answer, we’ve got other coaches at CycleCoach who will be able to help me answer!

I’d like to give you an idea about the training. Week 1, as you’ll see, includes some short intervals at around ‘FTP’, a 20-minute TT test, some short TT intervals and endurance rides. This is so that we can work on developing your FTP and so that we can test you to set training levels.

If you have a power meter, then you’ll be able to go here www.cyclecoach.com/calculator and calculate your power based training zones. If you have heart rate, then we don’t as yet have an online calculator. Just let me know the result and I’ll personally calculate the zones for you. And, if you need me to calculate the power ones, just say.

Monday – REST and/or S&C

Tuesday – gentle intervals just above FTP (if you ride 10-mile/16-km TTs, or know your 20-min max power then this is the effort to use)
Wednesday recovery spin, Thursday steady with testing (and there’s an alternative test as well)
Friday REST and/or S&C
Saturday Quality endurance
Sunday – Long with intervals